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Dalai Lama joke fail

I can't believe he thought this was  good idea.. but glad he tried!

Angels we have heard on high, sweetly shouting o’er the play

In case you haven't seen this one doing the rounds, here is a special Advent video that will make you giggle:    

Christian Hipster How-to video

via Stuff Christians Like: I'll own up: I have a bible app, I wear scarves and while I don't have a pair of Tom's I do have a pair of yellow Campers:

Pasta-dish hat in driver’s licence – for confessional reasons of course…

The BBC reports of an Austrian man who has had his driver licence photo taken with a pasta strainer on his head... because he's a Pastafarian. If you're wondering what that is, it's a fictional religion, said to involve the worship ...


And yes, that is a Five Iron Frenzy reference, in case you were wondering.

I really love cats / cheeseburgers (meme spoof)

You may have already seen this meme video going around facebook. It is of a girl making a video for a dating website, who, evidently, really loves cats. It's hilarious (though I have to wonder if it's a fake?): What I like even ...

Ceiling Cat h8z teh Yewtheefro Dielemmer

Whether you think the Euthyphro Dilemma has been answered or not, this video (via David Gibson) is pretty amusing: Note to self: before spouting off philosophy, remove all cute animals from vicinity. And here is the Euthyphro Dilemma in Lolcat: Teh Yewtheefro Dielemmer How do we ...

All aboard the Pony Express!

The BBC reports that CCTV has captured footage of a man trying to board a train with his pony: Shocked staff watched as the man tried to get on the train at Wrexham General station with the white pony in tow After ...

April Fool’s Day round-up 2011

There were  plenty of tricksters on the internet this morning. Here are some of them. A number of major corporations let their hair down on the 1st of April (do they get any work done in March?): BMW announced it's Royal Edition ...

Messiah fail

A Christmas-eve treat: