New Song: All the world (first draft – in progress)

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Our small group has started a study through Acts, which semms like a good time to try and write a song about being an international group (an idea I’ve had since we moved to Germany). So here’s my first draft, which I’m going to road-test with the group tonight:

All the world

Verse 1:
In every language of the earth,
In every corner of the planet,
Strains of God’s salvation song resound.

Hear the rushing of the wind,
See the power of the Holy Spirit
Blazing in the hearts of His redeemed.

In all the world
Let the news be heard:
For all the world
The Saviour gave His life.
From all the world we’re gathered,
Purchased by His blood,
And testify: He is alive!

(possible) Bridge:

All who call on Jesus’ name
They will be saved
All who call on His great name
They will be saved

(c) Copyright Andrew Finden 2012

For All the World (first draft) by therealfindo

The first verse references the day Pentecost, and I’m thinking about a second verse, referencing the trials of the missionary journeys in Acts; perhaps the bridge line can be incorporated into that. Another idea would be to sing the first verse again in German. Alternatively, the bridge might be sung through in several different languages, which could be fun.

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