New Song (draft): You are the holy one [mic test]

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I wrote the lyrics to this one months ago, and recently rewrote the music. Seemed like a good candidate for testing out my new mic.

For recording I used my Zoom H4 as the I/O ASIO device and Sonar LE. I recorded the guitar tracks on my Art & Lutherie cedar-top, using one channel through the MXL 2006 mic and the other through the Pezo pick-up. The egg-shaker is ‘analog’, recorded with the mic. The bass and strings are VST soft-synths from Cakewalk Studio Instruments.

I’m very happy with the mic, I have to say (now just to improve my guitar skills! If you want a chord chart, let me know):
You are the holy one – rough demo by therealfindo

The lyrics:

You are the holy one
The Father’s only son
Who lived with us
That we might live again

Poured out upon the cross
Your life, at such a cost
Which brings eternal hope
Of life with you

Jesus, you reign
You are heaven’s glorious King
We sing “Holy Holy Holy
Are you Lord”

You rose in majesty
To life which sets us free
Death holds no victory
For you have won

One day you will return
To take home all your own
And as redeemed around
Your throne we’ll sing

Andrew Finden 2012

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  1. @ds_says says:

    I like. Send through the chord chart and we might try it out over Easter (depends if the other guitarist has time to learn something new).

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