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Someone recently asked Al Mohler what he thought about so many young people listening to Mark Driscoll online. His answer is quite insightful:

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via David Murray

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5 Responses to Mohler on Driscoll

  1. Luke Arms says:

    Confession: I don't know who Al Mohler is, nor do I know much more about Mark Driscoll than what I've gleaned from hearing a handful of his talks and following him on Twitter.

    That said, I'm not sure I agree with Al's assessment of confronting content in Christian sermons/books/etc. I'm conscious of the Bible's own confronting content (sex scenes in Song of Solomon, gore in 1 Samuel – 2 Kings, etc.) and also of the reality of our sex-saturated culture, which has removed so much of our sexual innocence, and to which a direct response is sometimes warranted.

    I'd suggest that silence on these matters might simply be prudishness (perceived or real) that stifles useful discussion, e.g. what God says about sex could be useful in a witnessing scenario, or believers might benefit from encouragement to open up with each other about their struggles with impurity.

  2. AndrewFinden says:

    If I've understood Mohler correctly, I don't think he's advocating silence on sex – rather he seems to be saying that a gospel minister is not there to preach about how married couples can have great sex or whatever.. Obviously, a faithful expository preacher will end up preaching sermons that deal with sex, I think Mohler would agree on that, but he seems to be saying that a preacher's job is to preach the gospel, and that perhaps what we might call 'therapy' issues should be left to the appropriate people, and not done from the pulpit.

    (btw )

  3. Luke Arms says:

    OK, perhaps my lack of immersion in Driscoll's work is letting me down here ;)

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