No, Brisbane, you’re not freezing, you’re just cold.

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Sure, 9-12 degrees is cold, but the Courier Mail is really overplaying it with:

ICY air from the south has been blamed for plunging southern Queensland into a deep freeze with several centres on track to record their lowest maximum temperatures on record.

Unless water is turning into ice, it’s not freezing, and certainly not a deep freeze. Get a grip people!

It does appear to be a little cooler a little west, with Toowoomba and Warwick dropping down around the 0 mark overnight.

Maybe I’ve just been over here too long, but the 13 degrees in Coolangatta is a spring day, or a summer morning – as I write, it is 13 degrees here. We had negative temperatures here for well over a month, including negatives in the double figures. That is a ‘deep freeze’.

Personally, I’m looking forward to those mild Brisbane winters where it is above 15 and very likely in the low 20s (as our current summer is generally sitting at present).

In fact, here is a nice visual comparison (as at 8:30 am +1CET):

And the average & record highs/ lows:


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9 Responses to No, Brisbane, you’re not freezing, you’re just cold.

  1. Kathryn says:

    I think it is a bit of overkill on the 'deep freeze' part, but let me tell you, that air is icy! I was annoyed at school and the shops when kids (like, babies and toddlers) were in summer clothes! Especially when the parents are rugged up and the kids are cold. I don't mind the cold weather – I love wearing my scarves and boots – don't get much opportunity to do that in Brisbane!

  2. Nathan says:

    "Unless water is turning into ice, it’s not freezing, and certainly not a deep freeze."

    This is not strictly true. It is only true for water. Other liquids might be turning into ice. My fingers are turning hard and brittle from the cold.

  3. James Angus says:

    Yeah, so much for that tough Aussie persona we’re supposed to embody! :P Perfect jacket and scarf weather if you ask me! :)

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