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Things Findo Found – 11.02.11

by Findo on February 11th, 2011
It’s been a while since I did one of these, so some of these might be a bit ‘out of date’ but interesting non-the-less:

The atheisms of most committed, principled atheists are often not more than mirror images—inversions—of the theisms they negate.

  • Another which I’d hoped to expand on was this piece by PZ Myers, where he argues that Dr Kermit Gosnell should not be charged with murder, because, according to Myers (recently noted as one of the 25 most influential atheists) even new born babies are not people (I directly asked if he thought Gosnell was guilty of murder after reading this comment in another post, and he responded that he would cover it a blog post, which is the initial link above.). It’s an astounding admission, and shows just how slippery the abortion slope is. As I understand it, Myers is not alone on that point in that list of influential atheists, as Peter Singer also supports infanticide at least in the case of disability (not that this makes it any less appalling!)
  1. Maya permalink

    I was horrified to read this one, my gosh I am a atheist and I believe in free choice as far as abortion goes. I personally would not be able to have an abortion unless it was in a severe case of threatening to my health or a case of rape. I do not agree to abortions as a version of birth control as this shows irresponsibility on the behalf of all concerned. My concern would be more about catching a STD and a need for protection. However to agree to infanticide because a child has a disability is Eugenics and a distasteful fascist view point. I do not see myers as a influential atheist I see him as a biologist who happens to be a atheist. I realise many people will disagree with my statement. But he is just a bloke nothing more nothing less. New born babies are not people I am disgusted in many of these elitist atheists who make a mockery of being a atheist. He is only there at the top due to his controversy.

    • I do not see myers as a influential atheist… He is only there at the top due to his controversy.

      I agree – he's belligerent and has managed to find a willing echo-chamber audience to this kind of blinkered, and intolerant form of anti-theism.

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