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Yuri Gagarin, Henry Ford and Ontology 101

by Findo on January 19th, 2011

I got into a spirited discussion this morning (which went flailing off in all directions) because of this picture:

It is a quote from Yuri Gagarin, a Russian Cosmonaut who was the first man in space.

I’m not quite sure why he expected to* – if God is transcendent then he is not to be located within the universe like that. Rather, he is an external causal agent. Expecting him to be found in space is like expecting to find Henry Ford inside the engine of a Model T.

And so, in the spirit of the above picture, I give you:

* Actually, according to Wikipedia (and I can’t read the Russian source) this quote doesn’t exist in the official transcript. It more likely comes from Krushchev’s speech:

Gagarin flew into space, but didn’t see any god there

Presumably a piece of Communist propaganda doesn’t work quite as well as a desktop background (unless you happen to be a communist I suppose?). What Gagarin did say was:

The earth is blue, how wonderful. It is amazing.

Can’t disagree with that!

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