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True Unbelievers

by Findo on December 20th, 2010

There’s an interesting post  on codenix blog where the writer, himself an atheist, writes about:

unhelpful, bigoted, rabid group of “true-unbelievers”, the militant Atheists who for some reason believe it is their mission to attack people who publicly express their faith.

He quotes Dr Pamela Gay:

it really bothers me when anyone decides their best way to change the world is to say hateful things to strangers like me. This isn’t the type of world I want to live in. While today it was the atheists, back in March it was the Christians. Both sides have a deafening minority of people that make it hard to focus on education and research and actually making the world better.

I am a fan of rhetoric and debate over coffee (or depending on the topic, something differently strong), but there is a difference between agreeing to disagree while trying to understand one another and out right condemning someone who is different. One way of living builds communities that are diverse and interconnected. The other just increases my desire to hide in my little home office and not come out again.

I blame the internets. I think it’s much easier to type things that we would never say over a cup of coffee. Or perhaps the internet just attracts anti-social people?

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